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Monday, April 3, 2023

Brave or Foolish?


Well... I did something either really brave or really foolish. I can't say which at this time. Though I'm truly leaning toward the latter. I am a beginning writer with no published work so far. I just signed up for the First 5 Writing Challenge through Compel’s writer's training course. I won't share the details but my challenge is to write a Bible study based on the scripture I was assigned when I applied. Only 5 new studies are chosen each year. I must be sleep deprived. Oh, boy. I feel that God wants me to try this. It will either be a blessin’ or a lesson but has the potential to be both. I have until May 5th to finish and turn it in. I know God will be with me on this. Praying hard to at least make a good showing. Please pray for me! Brave or foolish? Ha Ha! Time will tell! It always does!

Karen Butler Ogle

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