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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

To Potato or Not To Potato?

Sigh. In my case I won’t be potatoing again any time soon. A call from my nephrologist this afternoon informed me that my potassium level is too high. When a person’s kidneys start to fail like mine, they cannot adequately filter potassium and several other nutrients out of the blood stream. So, starting tomorrow, I will be giving up some favorite foods including potatoes. As God would have it, tomorrow is my grocery shopping day so I can refill the pantry with low potassium foods. I am honestly trying to handle the change with grace, but I feel fairly grumpy about it at the moment. I do however, know from whence, cometh my help. God the Father will be right beside me and will help me do what needs to be done to protect my kidneys and my health. It is always a bit of a challenge to start a new chapter in your life journey. I am not alone in my walk, though. God is with me.

Karen Butler Ogle

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